#FakeTradie shows LNP's real intentions

Queensland unions say the LNP’s #FakeTradie television ad fits perfectly with Malcolm Turnbull’s other policy platforms of #FakeTAFE, #FakeHealth&Safety and #FakeMedicare.

Social media – including conservative commentators – erupted overnight after the LNP began screening an advertisement featuring a “tradie” in front of a building site complaining about a “war on business”.

Queensland unions were quick to point out the many contradictions in the political advertisement.

Queensland Council of Unions General Secretary Ros McLennan said a real tradie would be more concerned about properly funding and training apprentices so his business could expand and grow.

“Malcolm Turnbull’s government has turned its back on properly funding and resourcing our TAFE system. It’s overseen a massive drop in the numbers of young Australians starting apprenticeships – it’s clear Turnbull is a fake when he’s talking about jobs and growth,” she said.

Ms McLennan said real Queensland tradies would turn white at the health and safety risks portrayed in the advertisement.

“Loose jewellery, no protective gear, no signage warning about construction underway – this ad shows just how much the LNP values workplace safety and the workers who just want to come home safe at the end of the day.

“The LNP constructed a fake reason to go to the election – and now this advertisement gives a clue to the contempt they hold for health and safety and the unions that keep a watch on it,” she said.

“The ABCC – originally created by the Howard Liberal government - did not increase productivity or reduce industrial disputes. In fact workplace deaths and serious injury actually increased during this period,” she said.

ETU Organiser Stuart Traill said the tradesman was clearly a fake.

“Tradies know Turnbull wants to reduce wages and conditions of construction workers and is ripping the guts out of our Apprenticeship system,” he said.

“This bloke is just a paid actor who doesn’t represent the views of everyday tradespeople.”

Ms McLennan said if the #FakeTradie was actually injured at work then under the LNP he’d better hope that he was carrying his credit card.

“The LNP has already been exposed on its plans to privatise Medicare, and to increase charges for x-rays, blood tests and visits to the doctors.

“Their real plan is to Americanise our universal health system but they are making all sorts of fake claims and backflips to hide their intentions,” she said.

“Before the last election Tony Abbott said one thing about funding for health and education and then cut funding when he was elected.

“The LNP has a new leader but the plans are the same,” she said.

“The only way to expose the LNP’s fake claims about health care, education and workplace safety is to put the LNP last on 2 July.”

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