What is the QCU?

The Queensland Council of Unions (QCU) is the peak union body in Queensland with 29 affiliated unions covering around 360,000 Queensland workers. The QCU is the state branch of the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU).

The fundamental roles of the QCU are to:

  • support and co-ordinate affiliates to improve industrial conditions and increase membership;
  • be the public voice of the Queensland union movement;
  • influence government and public policy at an industrial, political and social level;
  • build awareness of the union movement through education, training and campaigning; and
  • represent the Queensland movement statewide, nationally and internationally.

Some of the functions and services of the QCU are:

  • the research and provision of information and material for affiliated unions;
  • the presentation of state general wage cases;
  • presenting test cases in the Industrial Relations Commission (ie casual loading, termination change and redundancy);
  • the co-ordination of multi-union negotiations and awards/agreements;
  • preparing submissions for committees of inquiry and review (ie Work and Family Test Case, child labour review);
  • organising major campaigns; and
  • the training of delegates.


This year the QCU is celebrating its 130th anniversary. 

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