Attacks on PPL and penalty rates reveal true Turnbull

Queensland union members are preparing to defend important working conditions as the Turnbull government reveals its intentions to cut even deeper than the dumped Abbott leadership.


Queensland Council of Unions General Secretary Ros McLennan said the resumption of Coalition attacks on penalty rates and paid parental leave indicates the Turnbull government now intends to go even further than Tony Abbott.

She said new Employment Minister Michaelia Cash’s claim today that weekend penalty rates were “outdated” highlighted how the Coalition could not be trusted to protect penalty rates for low paid workers.

“Before Tony Abbott was deposed it was hard to get a straight answer out of anyone in the Coalition on penalty rates but emboldened by a new salesman as leader, they are revealing their real plans,” Ms McLennan said.

“It’s the same with paid parental leave. The new Social Services minister has suggested that even more young families might lose out under the Coalition’s plan to cut paid parental leave. That could mean even more than 80,000 mums will face a financial hit just for wanting the best for their baby.

“It’s taken less than a month and already the new Turnbull government has launched a full scale attack on our lowest paid workers, and especially female workers.

“Women make up the majority of the workforce in retail and hospitality, and they will also be the losers if the Coalition proceeds with its changes to paid parental leave.

“Turnbull is fast revealing that he’s just a new paint job on the Coalition’s old wrecking policies.”

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