Bleijie up to old tricks attacking safety at work

The LNP’s shadow Industrial Relations spokesperson Jarrod Bleijie is today attempting to torpedo a law that stop companies outsourcing responsibility for workplace safety to third parties.

Queensland Council of Unions General Secretary Ros McLennan slammed the MP for Kawana Bleijie for attempting to block the amendment to be debated in state parliament today.

“Restoring fairness to workers’ compensation was a central election commitment of the Palaszczuk government, and ensuring that big companies cannot outsource their workplace safety responsibilities to labour hire companies is a critical part of that commitment,” she said.

“Now Bleijie is up to his old tricks again and wants to put business profits ahead of worker safety.

“We’ve already heard at a state parliamentary inquiry about the practices of some labour hire companies – how workers are too scared to speak out lest they lose their employment.”

“It’s clear that Bleijie and his mates in the LNP did not learn anything from their election defeat, especially that safety at work is a real concern for millions of working Queenslanders and their families.

“Bleijie’s move shows just how little the LNP values workplace safety and the workers who just want to come home safe at the end of the day,” said Ms McLennan.

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