Borbidge review deodorises real reasons for LNP defeat


The Queensland LNP is still trying to hoodwink Queenslanders with its review of the 2015 election loss, unions say.

Queensland Council of Unions President John Battams said the major ringleaders of the LNP parliamentary party survived the election while Campbell Newman copped the blame and lost his seat.

“This report has given a deodorised view of the impact of LNP government on Queensland,” Mr Battams said.

“’Hubris’ is a clever word for arrogance, and people are more than ‘disappointed’ if your party loses 36 seats in one election period,” he said.

The success of the QCU’s election message of “Put the LNP last and number every square” provided Queenslanders with a clear avenue to express their alienation from the government.

This strategy was conservatively estimated to be worth three per cent of the two-party preferred vote at the 2015 election.

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