Campaigning to build a better future until the last vote is cast

Queensland unions have vowed to campaign until polls close today in a bid to fight for local jobs, protect Medicare, restore Gonski funding, and to protect weekend penalty rates.

Queensland Council of Unions General Secretary Ros McLennan said union members have been part of a significant campaign to build a better future for all Australians.

She said more than 300,000 phone calls had been made to union members in Queensland in recent months to discuss the negative impacts of electing an LNP government.

“Union members have also knocked on thousands of doors in target electorates across the state to reinforce the importance of putting the LNP last when they vote.

“We’ve had great support throughout Queensland at rallies and community events.

“Local jobs have been the critical issue, especially in the north and far north of the state. Voters everywhere have also been concerned about the future of Medicare, as well as decent funding for education through Gonski.

“Remember that Malcolm Turnbull started this marathon election campaign on the illusion that we needed to restore the Australian Building and Construction Commission.

“But we’ve barely heard a word about the ABCC – and the federal government has ignored important questions about the future of industrial relations in this country.

“It has so far refused to respond to the Productivity Commission recommendations to cut penalty rates and introduce enterprise contracts.

“It raises questions about a WorkChoices-style agenda by stealth if the LNP is re-elected.

“The jobs and working conditions of Queenslanders are too important to play secret games with, and we’ll be working until the last vote is lodged to expose the Coalition’s plans.”

She called on Queenslanders to remember to put the LNP last, especially in the Senate.

“The Senate was very important in the last Parliament to keep a leash on the Abbott-Turnbull government’s nasty plans to attack working conditions and unions.”

Ms McLennan said the election campaign had shown how out-of-touch the LNP leadership had become with priorities facing Queensland families.


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