Chaos of Campbell in rear view mirror

Tomorrow (24 March 2015) marks three years since the beginning of Campbell’s chaos in 2012.

Just three years after its election on March 24 2012 with a record majority, Queensland unionists are celebrating the fact that the Newman LNP government is no longer in power.

Unions believe tomorrow’s new State Parliament will provide welcome relief from the LNP’s dysfunctional government.

Queensland Council of Unions President John Battams said the LNP had created havoc in its single term of government which began exactly three years.

Mr Battams said the new Palaszczuk Labor government had already signalled that it would take a more consultative approach before embarking on any significant reforms.

He hoped the chaos of the past three years would be replaced by a renewed focus on real issues such as jobs.

“The damage inflicted by the LNP to community and essential services as well as the state’s economy is likely to be felt for many years to come,” Mr Battams said.

“And its negative impact could have lasted for decades if it had successfully tricked Queenslanders into selling off major public infrastructure,” he said.

“Newman’s LNP picked fights with the medical and legal fraternities, trashed the workers’ compensation system, sought to limit freedom of speech, and stood by and watched while the state’s jobless rate hit decade-high levels.”

Unions had outlined “100 reasons to put the LNP last” at the January 31 state election, and Mr Battams expected to see action to reverse this damage.

“Already we’ve seen Queensland government now support the continued payment of penalty rates to weekend and shift workers, and a renewed commitment to repairing the industrial relations system.”

“Already the Queensland public shows it prefers a slower and steadier approach with an increasing approval rate for the Premier.

“The union movement will continue to keep the government to account, especially on those issues where commitments were made to reverse the damaging impact of the former Newman LNP regime.”


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