Labour Day 2015

Labour Day is a day when we remember the hard work, and sacrifice made by unionists before us to build and protect the freedom and rights we now enjoy.  It is a day we can celebrate the achievements of workers striving together to repeal the exploitation and excessive hours of the nineteenth century, the achievements in equal pay for women and in fighting for land rights and fair treatment of Indigenous Australians

It is also a time to acknowledge the ongoing struggles of today: attacks on job security; attacks on our collective rights; attacks on our standards of living standards; and continue our struggle for a fair society with dignity in work.

Labour Day is a day of historic significance - and will always be in May.

Labour Day is about empowerment, family, freedom, and the fair go.

So join your union on this Labour Day for a March, a drink, some food and a day out. Find the details of your local Labour Day celebrations below - or contact your union for more information.

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