Langbroek launches Operation Amnesia

New Deputy Opposition leader John-Paul Langbroek should enter his latest account of LNP government into the Premier’s Literary Awards if it is reinstated, according to the Queensland Council of Unions.

QCU President John Battams said Langbroek’s rewriting of history was worth consideration as a piece of top-flight fiction.

Mr Langbroek gave a sneak preview of his current work today on ABC radio, claiming that it was unfair that current Directors-General should have to re-apply for their positions.

“From deep in his bunker in Minerals House, he’s launched “Operation Amnesia’, in the best traditions of his former leader Campbell Newman,” Mr Battams said.

“He’s busily re-spinning the story of that disastrous one-term government.

“He’s written off the LNP sacking 24,000 public sector workers with no opportunity to re-apply for their positions.

“He’s erased the dismissal of seven department heads in the first few days of the Newman government.

“The “boot bonus” awarded to D-Gs for sacking workers also seems to have slipped the Deputy Opposition Leader’s memory.

“And there’s no mention whatsoever of former LNP MP Michael Caltabiano’s appointment, sacking and subsequent payout not to be the Director-General of Transport. That episode cost taxpayers around $720,000,” Mr Battams said.

“While Langbroek’s at his typewriter, he should consider writing an apology to the thousands of workers that his government sacked,” Mr Battams said.

“You don’t have to read between the lines to appreciate the three years of fear that public sector workers experienced under the previous LNP government,” he said.

Mr Battams said the current Labor government was acting on its election commitments in asking department heads to re-apply for their positions.

“The LNP lost in January because it treated its own pre-election promises as works of fiction.”

Langbroek’s latest work would complement the vast library of LNP pulp fiction in Queensland, including Peter Costello’s Commission of Audit report, the former Treasurer’s 4 per cent jobless target, and Jarrod Bleijie’s justification for moving the Labour Day holiday.

“I’d suggest Mr Langbroek get in early and find a publisher before Campbell Newman lands one for his memoir,” Mr Battams said.

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