LNP oversees weakest wage growth in 18 years

Today’s record low wages growth figures have added to the burden on workers, Queensland unions say.

Australian Bureau of Statistics figures show just a 0.4 per cent increase in the March quarter, the lowest wage growth since records started being kept 18 years ago.

“Workers are sick of bearing the burden of the LNP’s favouritism for the big end of town,” said Queensland Council of Unions General Secretary Ros McLennan.

“The Turnbull Government’s Budget has dialled in tax breaks for high income earners and the big end of town but nothing for the vast majority of workers.

“A sickness tax, in the form of removing pathology from Medicare bulk billing will also hit lower to middle income earners harder,” she said.

“To add insult to injury, the wages share of the economy has hit rock bottom.

“Years of the LNP talking down the economy and their own stingy attitude has translated to workers getting next to nothing,” Ms McLennan said.

“There is an election round the corner and we are urging Queenslanders to put the LNP last,” she said.

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