Sobering statistics are not super for women

female_worker.jpgInternational Women’s Day – 8 March - is a time of celebration but it’s also cause to consider some sobering statistics about women and superannuation.

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Allegations say more about Dutton than baby Asha and family

The Queensland union movement has applauded the community #LetThemStay alliance that resulted
in baby Asha and her family being released into community detention.

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Women providing a renewed energy for union movement

Respected Guardian columnist Van Badham believes the renewal of leadership within Australia's union movement derails the tired old conservative cliche of "faceless men" ruling over Australia's 1.7 million union members.

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Halloween is harmless, but beware what you let in the house.

Halloween in Australia is harmless enough. It knocks on your door, and you open to a smiling gap-toothed child in a witches hat giggling at the novelty of bargaining for lollies.


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Migrant Workers in the spotlight

Recently the ABC television show Four Corners provided some much needed attention to the abuse of migrant workers by some Australian employers.  The episode of Four Corners entitled “Slaving Away” illustrates three major problems facing the Australian workforce:

  • the abuse of guest workers resulting in undercutting existing conditions and workplace rights;
  • labour hire companies being used by major corporations to avoid their legal obligations; and
  • major retailers and fast food corporations turning a “blind eye” to illegal work practices in their supply chain.
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The importance of Labour Day

In 1951, a letter to the Courier Mail asked why we still had Labour Day because the 8 hour day had been won. Imagine if we had given up improving conditions in the 1950s - when there was still a 44 hour week and only two weeks annual leave.

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