Queensland union members hold key to election outcome

Queensland unions are ready to play a key role in dumping a Turnbull LNP government only interested in cutting health and education funding and entrenching tax breaks for big business.

Queensland Council of Unions General Secretary Ros McLennan said union campaign workers in identified target seats had seen community sentiment turn against the Turnbull government in recent months.

“From Leichhardt in the state’s north to Forde in the south-east corner, we know that strong campaigning in Queensland’s federal seats will be crucial to the election outcome.

“It’s clear that Turnbull’s LNP has nothing to offer Queensland workers and their families, so we’ll be urging union and community members to put the LNP last when they vote,” she said.

She said community opposition against Treasurer Scott Morrison’s unfair Budget was building as Malcolm Turnbull delivers on his threat to call a double-dissolution election over the Australian Building and Construction Commission.

“Mr Turnbull is incredibly out of touch with ordinary Queenslanders and Australians,” said Ms McLennan.

“In reality voters are most concerned about local jobs, a fair tax system and decent funding for health and education,” she said.

“Aspects of Morrison’s Budget last Tuesday cut health and education funding, and fanned voter concerns about how the LNP want to undermine rights at work.”

Ms McLennan said there were grave fears about the LNP’s PaTH scheme which represents a serious risk to young people and inexperienced workers, and could also undermine Australia’s entire wage system with interns earning only $4 an hour.

“Youth unemployment is an issue that must be addressed, but we need real investment in training, apprenticeships and education – not a hastily cobbled together free labour supply scheme for big business,” she said.

Ms McLennan said the Build a Better Future campaign had thousands of volunteers throughout Queensland ready to go for the coming 53-day election campaign.

“We’ve been working hard in our target seats to find out what’s important in those communities. We know that it’s local jobs, a fair tax system and decent funding for schools and hospitals.

She said more than 580 Australian corporations and 55 millionaires paid no tax in the past financial year, placing an unfair burden on ordinary workers to deliver the health, education and community services that Queenslanders deserve.

“We’ll be out in the community over the next few months making sure that voters know which candidates support the interests of working Queenslanders and their families.

“It’s clear from the Budget and the past three years that the LNP has nothing to offer Queensland voters and to put the LNP last on 2 July.”

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