Unions back Lazarus against DD bullies

BBAF21.jpgQueensland unions say LNP threats of double dissolution elections are political games aimed at bullying legitimate opponents in the Senate.

Unions today backed Senator Glenn Lazarus (pictured at a Townsville jobs forum) who said he would stand up against Malcolm Turnbull’s attempts to intimidate the cross bench into passing legislation that turns a blind eye to political and business corruption.

Queensland Council of Unions General Secretary Ros McLennan said unions had been voicing concerns that Liberal/Green proposals to reform Senate voting would ultimately open the door to a raft of anti-worker legislation.

“It looks like this is now the LNP game plan – to bully senators into accepting legislation that will allow the bullying of construction workers through the ABCC!

“This threat of a double dissolution is a blatant attempt by Malcolm Turnbull to shift the public’s focus from issues that really matter to them – protecting penalty rates, Medicare and decent funding for health and education,” she said.

“We support the calls of Senator Lazarus for a federal independent commission against corruption that shines a light on all areas of Australian institutions – public and private,” Ms McLennan said.

“Turnbull obviously ignored the outcomes of the Queensland referendum into four-year fixed terms of government, which shows the public is tired of the cynical political games around election dates.

“The LNP should turn their attention security of working rights and conditions, jobs and a plan for the future — not uncertainty, distractions, waste and snap-polls,” she said.

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