Unions blast Hanson for anti-worker stance

Queensland unions have blasted Pauline Hanson’s run for the Senate, saying she will be a Trojan horse for the Coalition’s anti-worker agenda if she is elected on 2 July.

Ms Hanson faced public protests against her racist policies at her campaign launch last Friday but unions have lashed her for her support of anti-worker policies.

Queensland Council of Unions General Secretary Ros McLennan said Hanson proudly claimed that LNP politicians had contacted her secretly in a bid to ensure she toed the Coalition line if she were elected to the Senate.

“Pauline Hanson voted for John Howard’s WorkPlace Relations Act – laws that paved the way for WorkChoices - when she was an independent member of Parliament in 1996. That alone is evidence that she treats rights at work with contempt,” she said.


“Those laws she voted for allowed the introduction of individual contracts, reduced powers of the independent industrial umpire, weakened the no-disadvantage test, and stripped back federal awards.

“News that she is now in secret talks with Coalition figures indicates, if given the chance, she will fall into line with the worker-bashing policies of Malcolm Turnbull and Michaelia Cash.

“She voted to cut rights at work as an independent MP in Parliament. She’s done nothing since to show that she values rights at work.

“Voting for Hanson in the Senate is like handing the LNP a baseball bat to go after your rights at work and workplace safety,” she said.

“Her views towards indigenous people and immigrants are pretty abhorrent but she needs to come clean on her positions on penalty rates and the rights of union members to be represented by unions to ensure safety at work,” Ms McLennan said.

“There are other independent Senate candidates who consider penalty rates and rights at work to be vitally important to Queensland families.

“Ms Hanson is plainly is more interested in raising her profile than actually talking about the bread and butter issues that affect Queensland workers every day of the week – their wages and coming home safe from work,” said Ms McLennan.

“On Queensland Day – 6 June – supporting cuts to wages and reduced workplace safety is about as far from Queensland values as you can get,” she said.

Ms McLennan also slammed Hanson’s stance on other current issues in Australia.

“Pauline Hanson’s social views are mired in the 1950s, especially around marriage equality and immigration.”

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