Unions blast ‘slow learning’ LNP on plans to cut worker safety

Unions say State Parliament this week rightly rejected the LNP’s ridiculous plans to introduce 24 hours’ notice for accredited workplace health and safety representatives to enter and inspect unsafe workplaces.

“The LNP are very slow learners,” said Queensland Council of Unions General Secretary Ros McLennan.

“Taking away workers’ rights and endangering safety were the exact reasons that the LNP got the boot after one term and lost its massive majority.

“But they are stuck on the same track of attacking workers and their representatives - it’s as if it’s an instinct they can’t suppress,” she said.

“I am pleased that the cross benchers answered the question - will keeping unions out of unsafe workplaces be more or less likely to improve workplace health and safety?

“The answer is simple – keeping unions out of unsafe workplaces puts workers at risk.

“Whatever the supposed benefits of delaying entry into unsafe workplaces are, they are far outweighed by the ability for immediate access even if that only saves one life or prevents one illness or injury,” Ms McLennan said.

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