Unions say LNP moves to overturn Herbert vote will backfire

Queensland unions say LNP attempts to overturn Labor’s election win in Herbert will backfire in a community desperate for the federal government to focus on job creation.

20160801_campaignAtjones2.jpgQueensland Council of Unions Townsville Branch President Les Moffitt said the union movement’s Build A Better Future campaign in the July federal election had welded together a strong community alliance of activists and supporters.

“This group is ready to go again to highlight how the LNP are more concerned about their own jobs rather than working for the people of Herbert,” he said.

“During the election campaign Herbert was a target seat for the union movement,” he said.

“It had a dedicated Build a Better Future campaign organiser, with many public events and stalls to promote the priorities of the community," he said.

RIGHT: Union activists and community members listen to QCU Townsville Branch President Les Moffitt speak at a rally outside the office of former LNP member Ewen Jones in April 2016.

“Union volunteers made thousands of phone calls talking with voters about their priorities such as health, education and tax fairness. That infrastructure will fight hard again to ensure that we have a local member who actually cares about the community," Mr Moffitt said.

“Nothing Malcolm Turnbull has done in his month of new government to date has alleviated the concerns that Herbert voters had about the future of Medicare, education and job prospects for local kids, and tackling the area’s growing unemployment problem.

“Last month’s unemployment rate in Townsville jumped again to 13.2 per cent, compared with the national average of 5.7 per cent.

“The Prime Minister and his LNP need to focus on creating opportunities for decent, fairly paid jobs especially in north Queensland.

“However, Malcolm Turnbull had stated his first act when Parliament actually resumes at the end of August will be to bring back the ABCC laws that bash unions.

“This is flawed legislation that has been shown to actually decrease productivity and increase workplace safety risks.

“Only Turnbull’s backers in big business actually care about this so they can further drive down wages and conditions,” Mr Moffitt said.

“This obsession with the ABCC shows the Turnbull government is completely out of touch with the issues that keep working Queenslanders up at night,” he said.

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