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Support the #LetThemStay Vigil at Lady Cilento Children's Hospital

Right now there are caring people keeping a presence in solidarity with the brave doctors, nurses and health professionals who are doing the right thing and stopping the deportation of 12-month old Baby Asha to a detention camp on the island of Nauru. 

But they need your help. Please donate to provide logistical support to those standing vigil including providing food. 

++Any funds which are not used to support the campaign to stop the deportation of refugee men women and children, will be donated to Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA.

++Donations to this webpage are not tax deductible.



About Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA

Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA is the global justice agency of the Australian trade union movement. It works to ensure that the conditions that force people to seek better homes around the world don't occur. 

Our goal is to help build strong labour and social movements, internationally and also here at home.

For 30 years we have also helped support refugee communities, either with material support or by campaigning for their rights – in the camps and communities where they live or for an end to the conflict or war that drives them from their homes. Right now there are 59.5 million displaced people in the world.

Refugees flee their homes and take massive risks for themselves and their children in search of safety. Some never find it. Many die trying or live impoverished in refugee camps or in transit countries as people without any legal rights. A handful make it to Australia.

As a global movement of unionists, we all stand for peace, rights and dignity at work and a life without violence or poverty. Together, we organise to demand these rights for all people, including those seeking asylum from violence and war, no matter where they live, either ‘here’ at home or ‘there’ internationally.

Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA supports the solidarity actions of the union movement in Australia and internationally, because together, we are strong.

For more information or to join Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA, go to www.apheda.org.au



Who's donating

Amanda McCormack
Karol Florek
kirsty mccully