Workers welcome State Budget billion dollar infrastructure spend

Released: Jul 14, 2015 3:23 PM

Queensland workers will welcome the Palaszczuk Labor government’s $10.1 billion funded infrastructure spend creating more than 27,500 jobs directly and more than 100,000 jobs statewide, unions say.

Queensland Council of Unions President John Battams said today’s innovative State budget would accelerate employment creation diversified through all sectors of the Queensland economy.

Economic growth is also expected to hit 4.5 per cent, the highest of any state.

battams_2015_budget.jpg“The Treasurer has preferred to put government funds to work in order to create jobs, rather than let that money sit in the Queensland Investment Corporation,” Mr Battams said.

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“It exposes as a myth the claims of the lazy LNP that the only way forward was to sell profitable public assets.

“The LNP sat on their hands as the jobless rate hit seven per cent and state growth tanked,” Mr Battams said.

“This first Palaszczuk Labor Budget delivers a significant $1.2 billion operating surplus but more importantly keeps profitable public assets in public hands, where they can generate future revenue for Queensland as well as pay down some debt,” he said.

“Queenslanders voiced their opposition to asset sales at the past two elections.

“It is heartening to see that the government has found a way to address debt concerns as well as the need to fund growth.

“This Budget is firmly focused on improving the future of Queensland but also deals with the unemployment crisis created by Newman’s LNP,” he said.

Mr Battams said today’s Budget delivered spending increases in health, education, training, and research and innovation.

“There is funding to reinvigorate and return TAFE to its role as the pathway for young Queenslanders to move into sustainable and decent jobs.

“This was a critical part of our election campaign, and it’s good to see the Palazszczuk Labor government deliver on its promises for the benefit of all Queenslanders,” he said.

Mr Battams also expected jobs growth would benefit from the $180M Innovation Fund, $340M for Building Our Regions, the new State Netball Centre and making a start on the Townsville Stadium.

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